Marine Corps Bits & Pieces.

Marine Corps Information

1st Commandant of the Marine Corps: Major Samuel Nicholas

Birth place of the Marine Corps: Philadelphia, PA (Tun Tavern)

Birth date of the Marine Corps: 10 Nov. 1775

Location of "oldest post of the corps": 8th & I Streets, Washington, D.C.

Marine Corps Colors: Scarlet & Gold

Marine Corps Mascot: English Bulldog nicknamed "Chesty"

3 Parts of the Emblem: Eagle, Globe, Anchor

Moto of the USMC: Semper Fidelis "Always Faithful"

Most Decorated Marine: Col Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller

How many Decorations: 5 Navy Crosses

1st Marine Aviator: Lt Alfred Cunningham

Name Devil Dog: Given to Marines by Germans in WWI during battle of Belleau Woods

Two Medal of Honor Receiptents: SgtMaj Dan Daly & Maj Smedly Butler

UCMJ stand for: Uniform Code of Military Justice

December 7th 1941: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

13th CMC: General John A. LeJeune

jjdidtiebuckle: Leadership Traits

General Ranks reminder Be My Little General

6th Region Director: Colonel James Lenard

Cadet Major: One Silver Diamond

Marine's secret weapon during WWII: Navajo Code Talkers

First offensive operation by Marines in WWII: Guadalcanal

Won the Medal of Honor for both air and ground combat during the battle of Wake Island: Captain Henry Elrod

First American outpost to fall in the Pacific during WWII: Guam

Squadron number for the Blacksheep Squadron: 214

Vietnamese city that fell during the Tet Offensive: Hue City

Operation name for the evacuation of Saigon: Operation Frequent Wind

The Battle of the Chosin Reservoir happened during the: Korean War

Military Terms:

CMC: Commandant of the Marine Corps

Cover: Hat

Head: Bathroom

Deck: Floor

Ladder: Stairs

Fore: Front or forward portion of a ship

Aft: The rear portion of a ship

Port: Left Starboard: Right

Overhead: Ceiling

Topside: Upstairs

Scuttlebutt: Water fountain, rumors

NCO: Noncommissioned Officer

NCOIC: Noncommissioned Officer in Charge